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Studio 11 Art Gallery Exhibition Calendar 2022

11 Captains Lane, Fremantle

Gallery hours 11-4 Thursday -Sunday

6-21 January Connections: Dwellingup Retreat Exhibition - Paintings by artists from the Spring 2021 Dwellingup Art Retreat

Opens 6-8pm Thursday 6 January 

22 January-19 February: Two Dimensions of Landscape - Paintings By David Giles and Hazel Cacioppe

Opens 5-7pm Saturday 22 January

20 February-5 March: Playing with water: Paintings by Shirley Tero

Opens 4-6pm Sunday 20th February

6-18 March: For the love of art - Paintings by Nicola Luke

Official Opening Ceremony 5-7pm Saturday 12th March

19 March-1 April: Paintings by Jane van der Westhuizen

Opens 5-7pm Saturday 19th March

3-24 April: Freedom School Art Awards

Opens 4-6pm Sunday 3rd April


28 April- 20 May: David Giles: The Deep Ecological Self - Paintings from the Nannup and Beverley Retreats 

Opens 5-7pm Saturday 30 April

21 May-3 June:  Lena Hall, Jeanie Barnett and Debbie Hoare: Painting with Light and Energy

Opens 5-7pm Saturday 21 May

4-17 June: Paintings by Lizzie Cooper and Corey Marwick

Opens 5-7pm Saturday 4th June

18 June-1 July: Bodacious: Paintings by Laura Maria Keenan

Opens 5-7pm Saturday 18th June

2 July - 29 July: Freedom School Art Awards

Opens 5-7pm Sunday 3rd July 

30 July - 12 August: Nannup Retreat Exhibition

Opens 5-7pm Sunday 30th July

13 August  - 26 August: Heidi O Meara "Earth Sky and Ocean"

Opens 5-7pm Saturday 13th August

27 August - 9 Sep: Tara Wilson and Elyssa Hunt "Endemic Landscapes"

Opens 5-7pm Saturday 27 August

10 September - 24 September David Giles "Child's Play"

25 September - 8 October Miranda Free "Water Play"

Opening 3-5pm Sunday 25 September

8 October - 21 October  Freedom School Art Awards

Opening 3-5pm Sunday 9 October

22 October - 4 November  - Andrew Davey "Silver Linings"

Opening 5-7 Saturday 22 October

5 November - 18 November Vanda Marchant "Flowering Beginnings and mindful bunnies"

Opening 5-7pm Saturday 5 November

19 November - 2 December Olivia Smith "Reverie Continued"

Opens 5-7pm Saturday 19 November


3 December - 18 December "Freedom School Art Awards"

Opens 3-5 Sunday 4 December

5 January - 21 January David Giles "I surrender to the beauty and the majesty of it all"

Opens 3-5 Sunday 8 January 

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