Studio 11 Art Gallery Exhibition Calendar 2021





15th May - 28th May           Land, Sea and Sky: Paintings by Juliet Murray, Vella Grey and Sarah Harman

Opens 2-4pm Sunday 16th May


29th May - 11th June          My Fractal World: Paintings by Ross Calnan

Opens 6-8pm Saturday 29th May


12th June - 25th June          Reverence: Paintings by David Giles

Opens 4-6pm Sunday 13th June


26th June – 16th July          Freedom School Art Awards

Opens 4-6pm Sunday 27th June  




17th July – 30th July         Immature artist and flippy Fashionista: Paintings and fashion by Suzy SparkeL  Opens 4-6pm Sunday 18th July


31st July  – 13th August        Emerging and Evolving: Paintings by Angelina Nazglazas

Opens 4-6pm Sunday 1st August


14th August – 27th August       A brush with timeless lands: Paintings by Hazel Cacioppe

Opens 4-6pm Sunday 15th August


28th August – 12th September    Horizons: Paintings by Paula MacMillan Perich, Lorraine Tomlinson, Susan Williams

Opens 4-6pm Sunday 29th August


16th – 26th September   The Ocean Within: Paintings by David Giles                                

Opens 4-6pm Sunday 19th September

30th September   - 15th October    Freedom School Art Awards

Opens 4-6pm Sunday 3rd October

16th October – 29th October        Paintings by Jillian O Brien

Opens 4-6pm Sunday 17th October


30th October – 13th Nov            Paintings by Alyssa Kanitsch

Opens 4-6pm Sunday 31st October


13th Nov - 26thNov                 Paintings by Jane van der Westhuizen

Opens 4-6pm Sunday 14th November


27th Nov – 11th December           Birds, Buildings and Breakfast: Paintings by Di Parish

Opens 2-4pm Sunday 28th November


12th December- 8th January         Freedom School Art Awards

Opens 4-6pm Sunday 12th December