Gallery Representation: Permanent Representation at the David Giles Art Gallery

David Giles Art Gallery represents multiple artists on an annual contract basis. Rates differ according to the space occupied. Rates from as little as $60 per month up to $415 per month depending on how much wall space you have. If you are interested in permanent representation in 2020 please contact David Giles 0416 079 204.

Studio Residencies


Studio Eleven has six rooms occupied by permanent artists in residence. Rooms may be shared by up to three artists and rates differ according to the size of room.


Artists in residence have free access to art classes conducted by David Giles or other artists at the studio 


Professional and hobby artists can also become associate artists in residence, giving them free access to David Giles classes and use of the studio facility 24/7. Cost for associates is $120 per month. Contact David Giles 0416 079 204 to become an associate.