Exhibitions at Studio 11 in 2023

Expressions of interest are invited to hire the Front Room Gallery at Studio 11 for solo or group exhibitions in 2023. Exhibitions run for 4 weeks with installation Saturdays 5-7 and openings Sundays 5-7. Cost is $1500 for four weeks plus 20% commission. Fee covers:

Hire of Front Room Gallery

Staffing of the exhibition 11-4 Thursday to Sunday

Assistance with curation and installation by David Giles in person

Design and distribution of e-invites to our buyers list

Facebook post to promote the exhibition on David Giles Art Gallery Facebook page 

Use of our hangings systems and equipment

Use of our eftpos machine for 0% cost. Cost will come out of commission

Wine from Bella Ridge Estate for the exhibition opening (12 bottles)

Artists will need to organise their own promotion and marketing and provide catering for the opening. 

Dates available

5 February - 4 March

5 March - 1 April

23 April - 20 May

21 May - 17 June

2 July - 29 July

30 July - 26 August

10 Sep - 7 October

8 October - 4 November

5 November - 2 December


Gallery Representation: Permanent Representation at the David Giles Art Gallery

David Giles Art Gallery represents up to 30 artists on an annual contract basis. Rates differ according to the space occupied. Rates from as little as $50 per month up to $475 per month depending on how much wall space you have. If you are interested in permanent representation please contact David Giles 0416 079 204. Applications need to be made by 1 November for following calendar year. 

Studio Residencies


Studio Eleven has six rooms occupied by permanent artists in residence. Rooms may be shared by up to two artists and rates differ according to the size of room.


Artists in residence have free access to David Giles demos at his art classes or on-line.  


Professional and hobby artists can also become associate artists in residence, at Studio 11, giving them free online access to David Giles demos through the Freedom School Social site and use of the studio facility during open hours 11-4 Thursday to Sunday. Cost for associates is $140 per month. Contact David Giles 0416 079 204 to become an associate.