Claudia Woeltjes

Claudia has been painting for some years concentrating on traditional paintings in oil which won her an Award at the annual art exhibition in Armadale in 2016.

In 2018 she entered the Kelmscott show and won first prize for an impressionistic watercolour painting.

Her Fine Arts Degree has steered her into a new direction painting subjects not seen at a glance. She calls it “Whatism” creating works that leave the viewer speculating. The combination of bright colours is an important aspect of Claudia’s paintings wanting to make the viewer feel alive and joyful yet questioning the subject matter when looking at the painting.

Her series, “What you don’t see” shows the minute areas of rocks magnified up to two hundred times to become exciting images ready for contemporary art paintings. Some paintings will have strong details of the rock others may simply show the vibrant colours one would not see with the naked eye.

Other paintings depict small areas of tree trunks, fauna and stonewalls.

Another series “What you walk on” shows magnified ground covers or pavers and the unsuspected colours within them.

Previous Exhibitions

2014 Canning Art Awards

2014, 2015, 2016,2017, 2018 Armadale Society of Artists Annual Exhibition

2017 and 2019 Beverley Annual Art Awards

2017 and 2018 Spring into Armadale Hills Art Studio Trail 

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